Lip Augmentation

How to get an aesthetically pleasing lip augmentation?

The non-surgical aesthetic treatment to give more definition, more volume, and more fleshiness to our lips is undoubtedly by injection of hyaluronic acid.

The result is immediate. The product is injected after an anesthetic ointment administration on the affected area which will prevent you from feeling pain.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that also produces our dermis; the products used are tested, they do not present any risks. After the injection, the affected part will be a little swollen for a few hours; you can immediately put on make-up, put on lipstick, and resume your daily activities and social life immediately but with a difference… more beautiful than before.

The lip augmentation treatment respects the anatomy and physiognomy of the person; there  are no distortions, you are not like many famous people who, for work necessities, have to present themselves in the way that we do not like: no “dinghy lips” “, but a completely natural treatment, but which reinforces and embellishes our image as in the photographs below:

Before and After Treatment

lip augmentation lip augmentation lip augmentation lip augmentation

Labbra Foto 66 Labbra Foto 61 Labbra Foto 62

Lips are the first expression of femininity and sensuality in a woman. Lip filler is a treatment that allows you to heal, reshape, and hydrate them.

I don’t like just “puffing up” the lips but  also making them plumper, more toned, natural, and soft, both at rest and in motion. A technique consolidated by years of experience is essential to achieve the result together with the use of excellent products: I use the best products available today, the most expensive, but you can see the difference! “My” lips last longer than the others and are absolutely natural, free of “lumps”, soft, with an extraordinary dynamism because it is not minimized by the treatment.

From the beginning, my working philosophy has been this: do not save in the purchase of products, always give the best. This is the key to success.

The photos show the lips of a nice and young patient of mine where we agreed together on a treatment that could give an extra touch of sensuality to the lips already well represented.

Lips: New Techniques?

Today, most patients require a lip treatment that is not just smiling again, but that instead means having a REASON to smile and, above all, the certainty of being able to do it without worries, within a social context: your own.

Often the very security of a person, his relationship with others can also depend on how the latter relates to his physical appearance and not only, but more appropriately with the perception of himself and with the image of himself that he intends to make others perceive.

AESTHETIC medicine, which has always been the medicine of well-being, as I have always maintained from the beginning, is also the medicine of being. In this context and with due attention to the needs of people, so-called “innovative” techniques have been born and are continually being created to satisfy the many requests.

It is true that each of us, doctors, develops his techniques derived from the observation of people, from the study of cases, from their solution, and experience.

This mix of knowledge allows you to use the right ingredients at the right time. As with all other aesthetic medicine treatments, lip treatment offers the doctor (and the patient benefits from it) the opportunity to express their creativity and artistic sense as a function of the person’s aesthetic improvement.

This does not mean that there are no rules and protocols, but that the mix of all this leads to a result that is not only aesthetics but also art. So from a simple performer of techniques, the doctor becomes an artist.

The moment of treatment thus becomes a significant moment of interpersonal analysis that allows me to understand precisely the expectations and needs of the person.

The satisfaction must lie with both the doctor and the person receiving the treatment.

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